make online money without investment

New ways to make online money

New Ways to Make Online Money: Money without invest, this word has changed this world into a very surprising spot inside and out. Till date, I haven’t met any single individual who doesn’t need cash. Regardless of the possibility that they say that they don’t need cash I simply need to ask them by what […]

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template hierarchy wordpress

Template Hierarchy-how a WordPress theme works

Before start developing a WordPress theme, one should know how a WordPress theme works. WordPress theme follows a particular template hierarchy. That means you have to follow some template related conditions to make a perfect theme. Template hierarchy makes manipulation of data to a very easy level. Like, make category.php template to fetch category related data. […]

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free wordpress hosting

Free WordPress Hosting for Beginners

Choosing a hosting for your new web log is hard. Most of the newbies typically wish to begin with a free WordPress hosting & attempt things out, and once learning, they like to move to premium hosting service. Are you one in all them? Do you wish to begin a high-quality web log on WordPress […]

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WordPress theme development

Things to know before Developing a WordPress Theme

Hello friends, in this post we just know about the things that should one keep in his mind before jumping to theme development. WordPress theme is not just a simple HTML packed code, it more than that. So, let get the start. Use validated HTML Template The first thing you need is an HTML template. […]

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How to upload photos on Instagram on PC

How to upload photos on Instagram on PC

As you all know, you can use Instagram only on mobile or smartphone. Whether it is Android or iOS. Recently Instagram allows you to upload photos and video on mobile browser also. In this post, we are going to know how to upload photos on Instagram on PC in a simple way. Things you need to use […]

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installing WordPress

Install WordPress on Your Server/localhost

Hello friends, in this WordPress tutorial we learn how to install WordPress on your site. It is just as simple as installing and setting up any application on Android phone. That means no need of knowledge of coding. So now go for some action. Things to install WordPress Download WordPress software Upload to server Setting […]

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Free Bootstrap 4 Theme

Mega UI Advanced Material Design Blogging WordPress Theme

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