Best 5 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Want to make money with WordPress website?

If you are running a WordPress website or blog, then there is a lot of ways to make money with WordPress. And all of these money making methods are SCAM free. So, one can go any method that suits his site.

WordPress is the Largest content publishing platform in world. WordPress ruled over 27% of internet.

In this article, I will share 15+ ways to make money online with a WordPress blog. There a lot of platforms available for blogging, but WordPress is the King of them. WordPress is the best platform for blogging.

Make Online Money is not an Overnight Dream

Before exploring the world of making money with WordPress, keep one thing in mind. That these are not quick schemes. It takes your time and hard work. Or can say smart-work.

Make online money is not a overnight dream 300x150 - Best 5 Ways to Make Money with WordPressIf somebody tells you to make online money in a short period of time, be aware of that person. He might fool you. Or you can be a victim of online fraud. So be alert.

Some WordPress Basics You Should Know Before Start

Although, managing a WordPress website is quite simple. But some basics things related to WordPress should be clear before starting.

Like you should know how to install theme, how to install plugin, which is the best theme for blog and how to create child theme. If you know about these things, you are ready to make money online.

As there is a number of methods to make money with WordPress, so let categorise them. It will also help you to find the best money-making way for you.

How to make money with WordPress

  • Monetize Your Blog Content
  • Create a Paid Membership Website
  • Create a Directory Website With WordPress
  • Sell Products With WordPress
  • Become a Freelancer & Sell your Services Online
  • Donations

Let have look at all these one by one.

Monetize Your Blog Content

A site with ADs, is monetised. Means, site owner make some money with the help site’s content.

Monetize Your Blog Content 300x300 - Best 5 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Monetize Your Blog Content

When you search for something on the internet, you find some sites with ADs. By displaying ADs on the site, the site owner makes some money. That means the site is monetised.

There are many ways to make a blog monetised, but these are the best of them.

  • Display Google AdSense on WordPress Site
  • Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Use a WordPress Advertising Plugin to Sell Ads Directly
  • Get Paid to Write Reviews

Display Google AdSense on WordPress Site

Displaying Google Adsense ADs on site is the best and safest way to make money online. You have to apply for Adsense with your website. Google Adsense provides you a script to track your blog for some time.

Your Adsense approve when your site fulfils their requirement. Google Adsense track your site for unique content and traffic.

Once your Adsense account is approved, you can place ADs on your site. You will get paid, whenever ADs is clicked. Such ADs are called CPC ADs. CPC stands for Cost Per Click. This means you will get paid for clicks, even not a conversation is made with it. CPC is defined by the advertiser.

Google Adsense is the best way for beginners to make some money online. You only to approve the Adsense account and get some traffic.

If you using some tricks for this, then your account will be suspended. So be honest.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing means, you promote some product and get a commission from the seller. For this, you have to sign up Affiliate panel on the product site.

They will provide you tracking ID or URL. If someone purchases via this link, you will get some percentage of commission.

affiliate marketing 300x244 - Best 5 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Affiliate Marketing is just like, a celeb get paid only to recommended the product. Alike you post an article about a product and describe why and how one should use this product.

Means you recommended that product and someone buy it after reading your article. And company give you some money to sell out their product.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money with WordPress.

Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

If you have a large number of followers and your readers listen to you carefully. Then Sponsered Blog post is for you. Just like sponsorship works for TV shows and sports, sponsor company pay you for promoting their product.

Sell Sponsored Blog Posts 300x155 - Best 5 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

Monetising a site with advertisements, space is covered with ADs. Some blogger wants to make their blog clean and reader-friendly.

Or in simple words, you have a large following or subscribe and have a huge reader engagement. Readers ask you for your views.

Then you can sponsor a company as per your blog’s niche. And the company will pay you for promoting their products.

Use a WordPress Advertising Plugin to Sell Ads Directly

Use a WordPress Advertising Plugin to Sell Ads Directly 150x300 - Best 5 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Your AD Here

If your site gets good traffic, then you can place the advertisement on your site for others. Google Adsense pay a good amount of their ADs clicks.

But if you have good traffic and then use it. Provide an Advertisement place on your site and get paid for this.

It’s just like real, shopkeepers get paid just to use the banner from the company. He only provides a space from his shop and gets money for that.

There are a lot of plugins for managing such AD space on your site. These plugins also generate click reports for particular Ad space. So you can easily manage it.

Get Paid to Write Reviews

It’s like sponsor posts. But here you get paid for write reviews for products. Newly launched product need the attention of people. In such cases company pay for the review post.

For example, a new mobile step in the market. It might not get much of the notice. Then company search for the blogger who has a large following and asks them to write a review for their product. And they pay for it.

Create a Paid Membership Website

While searching for content on the net you might find a site that provides some information. To get more information you have to register with some money. If you are not want to monetise your site or not write a paid post. Then you get paid to share your knowledge.

Create a Private Forum

If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

As the name says, you communicate with your reader in private mode, which means one-to-one communication. In this method, you create a forum site related to some niche like health advice. Where reader can ask their query in private mode.

The private forum is the best way to have a one-to-one conversation. Where you can make some money with your advice. There are a lot of plugins to make your WordPress site into a private forum. Which are also easy to manage and support most of the payment gateways.

Create Members Only Content

You have a huge following and your reader wants to learn your skills or tricks. Then this is for you. If your site ranks good, and your readers want to know about your SEO techniques.

On a member-only content site, you can provide detailed information about your niche. You can provide different type of media for this, like video, infographics.

Once a reader becomes a premium member of your site, they able to access restricted content.

Creating a membership site is quite easy with the plugin. And there are a lot of plugins available on the internet.

Create a Directory Website With WordPress

A Web Directory site a website with a list of website for a particular category. Many sites provide a list of hotels, colleges with their information. You can make such a site and provide space for advertisement and charge for it.

Create a Paid Business Directory

Creating a Directory is very easy with the plugin. There is a lot of plugins available on the internet for this. Nowadays submitting a blog to the directory is also good for site ranking.

Create a Directory Website With WordPress 1024x666 - Best 5 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Create a Directory Website With WordPress

You can charge for adding sites to your directory. If your site has a large number of sites in the listing, then it makes your directory more worthy.

Place Ad Space on Directory

If your directory site is famous then you can provide space on it for rent. Where related site places Ad and gives money to them. There is a lot of plugin available, which allow you to manage spaces.

Sites get more benefits if their site’s Ad showing on a related directory site. You can also have bid for such space. Where interested person bid for space.

Sell Products With WordPress

Building an e-commerce website is quite simple. Plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads allow you to create an online market with ease. And managing orders, generate the invoice and adding a payment gateway is quite simple with them.

So you can make an e-commerce site and sell digital or physical products.

Sell Physical Products

Creating e-commerce with WooCommerce is very easy. WooCommerce also supports all kind of payment methods. From creating a product to manage orders, shipping tracking is very easy to manage.

Sell Products With WordPress 300x240 - Best 5 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Sell Products With WordPress

WooCommerce plugin is the most popular plugin for the e-commerce site. That’s why all type of payment gateways extensions are available for it. Even you can find a WooCommerce extension for BitCoin. So you can easily deal in any kind of currency.

Here are some tips to increase the conversion rate.

Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses is another best way to make money with WordPress. There are plenty of themes are available on ThemeForest for this. Where you can get a full management system with the best design and cross-platform compatibility.

On an online course site, the reader has to pay a fee to join the programme. Where he can access many test series, study material and videos related to the course. Give online test and also track his performance.

Become a Freelancer & Sell your Services Online

If you work as a freelancer, then you can create a profile website with WordPress. Where you can showcase your work portfolio. And also provide some article related to your works.

Like if you are working as a Developer, you can write articles on ‘Where to find the best tutorial for PHP‘, ‘How to write clean code‘, ‘How I bid for a project‘ etc.

Become a Freelancer Sell your Services Online 300x300 - Best 5 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

Become a Freelancer & Sell your Services Online

Nowadays, profile sites are online resume. You can put your site URL instead of the resume. You can also provide reviews from your customer to make the online resume more relevant.


donation 300x260 - Best 5 Ways to Make Money with WordPressIf you don’t want to put any kind of Ads on your site, but provides the best content. Like you provide free software and everyone like them. Then you can ask for a donation from your users. Like pixabay does. Pixabay provides free license images.

This is an old but effective way to make passive money. Like VLC media player is open source, but it is best in its field. Many users donate and the site owner gets the money.


No doubt, WordPress rules over the internet. You can make money with WordPress in many ways. Here I give a short introduction about the best ways to make money with a WordPress site. These methods are also fit for other software platforms. All you need to choose the right way for you.

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