Helpful SEO Tools for New Websites

Helpful 20+ SEO Tools for New Websites

SEO (Search engine optimization) is basically an optimization technique. It involves different procedures like getting traffic from organic or natural search results on search engine. SEO services will increase the visibility of the website on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). SEO employs many strategies to increases visibility, generally they can be spilt into on-site techniques and off-site techniques. On-site SEO involves the set-up of the website and its content, while off-site SEO largely refers to backlinks and other off-site content. Nowadays many SEO tools are available that will enhance the performance of a website in a sense of visibility. Some helpful tools for performing and analyzing SEO of website are discussed below:

Similar Web

This tool is used to compare two websites that are based on same content. By using this tool two websites can be compared in the sense whether and how many times a particular website can be compared or searched.

SEO Site Checkup

SEO site checkup will score and evaluate a website. It checks whether the tags used in website codes are proper or not and analyze errors that might appear in future.

Quick Sprout Website Analyzer

It is a very helpful tool for SEO it will completely evaluate website in a sense of optimization. It checks website speed on a server. Moreover, it will also search website tags, anchor links and perform a competitor comparison which is very useful while having SEO.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker tools are used to check the originality of the content. As a blogger, it is required your content must be unique. According to Google, “Website that contains copied content ranked lower in search engines”.

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Google Search Console

It is also a very powerful tool provided by Google for SEO. It can show that how Google search engine view a particular website and will analyze that which queries will drive more web traffic from Google. It can also provide different user’s search patterns and very helpful in finding errors in a website.

Structured Data Testing

Structured data testing tool provide a structured data that will provide complete information regarding a particular webpage. This tool will validate structured data of any webpage. The structured code can be pasted to webpage for testing purposes.

Microsoft SEO Toolkit

Microsoft SEO is a mixture of different SEO tools. It can analyze website and gives feedback about website and also provide recommendations that how to make website content more SEO friendly. The major overhead of this tool is that it is only available on Windows operating system platforms only.

Google Webmaster Tool

This tool is helpful to check potential issues that google search engine has been detected in website. It enables to understand search traffic through which you came to know that how user finds your website. It will do effective optimization that will enable Google search platform to represent a particular website in a better way.

Check My Links

This tool is used in initial stage of website to ensure that links on webpage works properly or not. It is basically a broken link checker that will make ease for a publisher or editor to make corrections before a webpage content will available online.

HubSpot Website Grader

Website Grader is a very effective online tool for SEO. It can overlook website very deeply and make a detailed report about its performance, user requests and speed. It will also provide feedback about the responsiveness of website whether its contents are perfectly visible on small screen or not. It considers page title and Metadata tags to determine whether the website is easily searchable by users. It also provide feedback about security risks that website might be faces. It also look things such as SSL certification. These type of certifications gives proves to users that website is safe and authentic for personal forms data submission.


It analyze website in a vast way and give a feedback in different aspects like marketing checklist of website, website SEO, responsiveness, usability, technology and target users of website.

Founds SEO Audit

This tool will perform competitor exploratory evaluation of website. This tool is commonly used to identify usual errors that were related to SEO in a website. By simply enter domain URL of website SEO audit report will display. The report consists of website technical issues, external link analysis and checks website content issues regarding keywords and Metadata.

SEO Report Card

This tool is based on competitor analysis of product. It will perform website rank analysis, link building, on-site analysis website accessibility for crawlers that will use the content of the website. SEO report card tool also provide information that how many pages of website are properly indexed.

Many of the amazing tools, some are listed below:

Web-based word processor; Google doc, Zoho writer and write-board

This is a tool that involves applications where one can write, edit, store or publish files on the internet when it is appropriate. These tools also allow you to collaborate with others and give you the margin where the collaborator can help you in editing the file further. It also make it possible to export your files using different formats.


Knowing your audience and your target has always been the most important factor in your all types of content writings. Buzzsumo provides you with this opportunity. An idea is always required to create or write something so Buzzsumo will help you to find the hot topics on web at the moment. This way you will get to know what is the demand of the present era. As you type in words those results that are shown at the top will give you the idea about the requirements of the audience.


It is a renowned spelling and grammar checker that will help the students around. It has the capacity to bring a better writer out of a normal person. Its other features may provide you with the ability to optimize and will help you in increasing the readability.


An online tool is quite popular for its text editing structure that is convenient. Those sentences or phrases that are really lengthy or complex will be highlighted; other features involve elimination of adverbs that are being used excessively or converting passive voice into the active one. It also shows the readability score of the text furthermore, there are settings regarding styles of the document. It can also count the total of sentences, paragraphs, characteristics along with the counting of words. After finishing the editing process, you can export your file in a HTML or markdown format.

Epic beat

Headline of an article is an important factor in attracting the readers. Therefore, therefore, if the heading is dazzling you have higher chances that the reader will give it a go or might read the full article. Sometimes, the whole idea is great but if the headline is not catchy or attractive, it will be of no use. For this purpose, epic beat is working at its best to help you find great content using a specific search term. This will guide you to get to know what the demand of the consumers is so that you can produce your own great content.


It is a free blogging tool that has the ability to quickly analyse the text from your topic for readability purposes. It gives a score for the readability indicators that are mostly used, and that will make your text, even more, easier to understand.

Good content will help you in bringing new customers, one can claim that it is among one of the strong marketing tools. You have to present such material that is useful for the users.


It is a mobile phone app that can be used for writing purposes other than this it also has this ability to be synced with your computer. If connected to Dropbox account you can switch your work between your mobile, laptop, computer or other devices. Different formats can be used where you have the choice between newspaper, screenplay or normal format along with the ability to create a customized format.

Research tool of Google drive

This tool can help in getting content with high authenticity power, as the information will always be from sources that are credible. It is quite time-saving and will help you in citing your sources.

Author Note

I included all kind of SEO tools in this article. These SEO tools help you in getting analytics, content writing or creating creative titles. But I am pretty sure, these SEO tools help you a lot. Please comment if you have some other SEO tools in mind.

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