How to start YouTube channel - Introduction to YouTube

How to start YouTube channel – Introduction to YouTube

If you want to create a Youtube channel, you are at right place. YouTube is a kind of TV where millions of channels are created by users and they upload their videos through their channels. For example:- Discovery is a TV channel and currently, Man vs Wild show is running on It.

On YouTube, it is absolutely same as Self Study Point is a Channel and their some video is we watching on their channel.

Everyone who wants to start a channel on YouTube, this guide will help you a lot.

Creating a YouTube channel is totally free of cost but it requires some basic requirements. For creating a channel on YouTube, you need.

  • A Gmail Account
  • Your age should be 18 (it is not mandatory but in some case, you should be at least 18+),
  • a good smartphone or computer internet connection.

Create YouTube Channel

When you have gathered all the required things now your first step is to sign in to YouTube on your mobile phone or Computer. Also, you can use YouTube official app.

Simply type in your browser. When the dashboard of YouTube will be open then click on upload tab showing you on the top. It will directly ask you to before uploading any video Create your YouTube Channel then choose a good channel name which represents your videos in future.

Now after creating channel check the top left side And click on the 3 dots then YouTube menu bar will open Now you will see a My Channel tab there simply click it.

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Channel Customization

Now you have to customize your channel to get many visitors and views. For that, you have to add a Channel Logo & Banner Art that describe your channel to the audience. Also, you have to add Channel Description, Keywords etc.

Verify Your Account

Now go to my channel, channel dashboard you will see below your channel written that your account hasn’t verified yet. Click on it and add your phone number to verify it.

Complete Channel Profile Details

Go to my channel and then account settings and add your channel keywords, Description, Email, Social Links.

After doing all these steps, now you are ready to upload your first video on YouTube.

Tip – choose a unique, catchy and easy title for the video. It will attract visitors. Don’t add a long description. Video description should between 200-300 words.

Creating channel is an Easy step but the real journey begins now.

After creating your channel your main goal is to get Subscribers and Views.

YouTube is a world’s largest open source of video sharing platform. So never try to cheat it with fake traffic bots or any other illegal tricks. Otherwise, your channel will be suspended immediately from YouTube for forever.

When you start your channel on YouTube you must have one thing in mind. Your content must be 100% original. By saying 100% original I mean that audio and video should be your own created. If you will copy anyone’s content, they will report it to YouTube. And YouTube only gives 2 chances. If your channel gets 3 strikes (copyright case) on your YouTube channel then, your channel will be suspended and your Gmail Id is blocked to use it on YouTube. So don’t try to cheat YouTube in any way. YouTube is too much smart, even we can’t imagine it.

There are millions of people work on YouTube to make money online or getting fame. Some start channel to educate others, some start channel to entertain. Whatever their opinion would but they all work on the same platform. That is what matters most.

Have Patience

On YouTube, you need to have too much patience as its all depends on your luck and hard work. Some people earn 500$ to 5000$ per day whereas some people earn just 1$ to 5$ day.

It all depends on you that how you work on YouTube, which criteria you follow most, do you make good trending videos or not. Many things matters in establishing a good YouTube channel.

Sometimes with good keywords, even a noob will become famous. He should have a proper knowledge about keywords, description, tags, trend, quality and watch time.


Creating a YouTube channel is just a start. And it’s too simple. But if you plan to make money online with YouTube channel, you need to be more determined and patient. No doubt YouTube is the best option to make online money, but it really needs a hard work and some knowledge about YouTube system.

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