What is YouTube – Introduction to YouTube

Introduction to YouTube –

Youtube is a Largest video sharing platform available on the internet. YouTube provides a platform for every individual and groups to raise their talent, skills will all over the world. It is completely free and doesn’t ask for any penny as you grow further on this platform.

Creator and Founder of YouTube –

YouTube was started on by Google. At the time of starting google wanted to help all the teenagers and adults to share their talent and skills with other ones even who live on far shores of seas. And by some time, fortunately, this aim comes true. Many People or I would say Millions of people now daily share their videos on YouTube and Help others with their knowledge.

Best Part of YouTube –

The most amazing part of YouTube is it is totally free of cost for both the viewers and channel holders. Anybody can grow on YouTube just a Luck and hard work is what he needs most. There are a no restrictions on genders. Everyone is equal on YouTube. The one who works hard and smart get most respects from both the viewers and critics.

Aim of YouTube –

The main aim of Google behind YouTube is to give a better workspace to those artists who were rejected, facing problems like financial issues or facing shyness.

YouTube gives tons of opportunity to those. It’s the one of the best source to aware people about what is happening in the world right now. many news channels also post videos on YouTube.

Everything is available on YouTube –

Currently, 1 million videos uploaded daily uploaded to YouTube. It will take you 200+ years to watch all the videos present on YouTube till 2017.
There are over 13 billion videos are present on the YouTube. After The launch of Jio sim in India. India moved to the 2nd largest country in the world to use YouTube for watching videos daily in huge numbers of people daily see videos on YouTube it helps channel creators too.

How to become Rich and Gain Fame on YouTube

there are 2 main reasons for which every YouTuber starts its career on YouTube.

Money is everyone’s first priority. Whoever not want money for living but there are many extremely talented god gifted skilled guys who gain fame + money both together from YouTube.

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For gaining fame + money you need to show the skills which you have no matter whether people laugh or get angry on then its just their matter you just need views. Get the YouTube bots for more views. Currently, there are many channels which are running on negativity. As soon as you grow on youtube the audience starts loving you will automatically gain too much fame + money by affiliate or ads.The reason why most channels cant succeeds on youtube is that of their categories and content.

Always give your first priority to content :

Content or I can say the thing which you are showing in your videos are the most important part of your channel always use the best topics which are in trends.

Be aware to use fake

Never upload any fake or age restriction contents they will demolish your channel’s quality plus reputation to your visitors.

Never promote any fake products or fake websites otherwise your videos will be thrown to flagged and you will be banned from this platform with any prior notice.

Time / Patience = Success

Not everybody has the same luck. Admit it and start working hard on channel give daily 2 to 3 hrs to your channels in increasing subscribers and post regular videos.

You have to wait for the one video which will go viral then you will automatically gain too many views on your videos for sure.

Believe in yourself don’t copy others sometimes new YouTubers copy the contents of the other guys it will not let their channel to succeed.

Report whenever You think it is Necessary :

Report directly to YouTube if you found your content is copying by someone whom you don’t know and you don’t want to allow him to use your precious work.
When you start your channel you will definitely face some problems but don’t worry just keep going on and never look back again.

If you need any help please free to ask in the comment I will surely help you as soon as possible. Please share this post with other YouTubers lets aware them too.

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