Add Title Attribute in WordPress Navigation Menus to make them more reliable

Add Title Attribute in WordPress Navigation Menus to make them more reliable. In this WordPress tutorial, we are going to add a title in WordPress Navigation Menus.

What are Title Attributes?

The title attribute specifies extra information about an element.
The information is shown on the hover the mouse moves over the element.  Generally, the title attribute is used in links and images. Title attribute contains information related to the particular element.

In HTML we add title attribute as title=”Your Title” in link and images.
For example <a href=”” title=”Darshan Saroya”>My Site</a>

My Site

Why add title attribute in WordPress Navigation Manus

Adding title attribute in links and images are good for readability. As title attribute gives an idea about the element. So using title attribute is a good idea.

Add title attribute is Good for SEO also:

Some SEO experts believe that adding a title attribute is useful. As title attribute provide more context. It also makes your site more readable.

Add Title Attribute in WordPress Navigation Menus

Adding Title Attribute to WordPress Navigation Menu is quite simple. Follow the steps given below.

To add title attribute in the menu, you have to enable the title attribute for the menu. To enable title attribute, please click on Screen Options at top right. You have a screen like below Image. Please check the Title attribute check box.

See image:

Adding Title Attribute in Menu Item:

With enabling title attribute, you now add title attribute in a menu item. To add a title attribute to a menu item, expand menu item. To expand menu item click on the carrot icon. Here you can see title attribute input box. Add your title attribute here. And save the changes.

See Image:

Add Title Attribute in Menu item

Now visit your site and put your mouse pointer on the menu item. You will see the title that you added. You can make title attributes more fancy with help of JavaScript and CSS.

Hope you like this tutorial.