Facebook security Guide - Be safe on Facebook

Facebook security Guide – Be safe on Facebook

Facebook become the king of social site in recent time. And it should be. Today, Facebook is not only a  social media site but also a biggest online market. Facebook changes a lot. Everyone wants to be famous on Facebook. And for this, they add unknown persons in their friend lists. Which sometimes harmful. Thus why I decide to write a post on Facebook security and privacy. So that you can protect your Facebook account.

How to Keep your Facebook Account Secure

Facebook provides a lot of settings to secure a facebook account. Thing is to know about them. You can find these life-saving settings in Facebook account settings.

Everyone knows about where to find facebook account settings. For those who don’t know about it, can find at the top right corner of the screen and select “Settings” from the drop-down options. Facebook account settings have the different type of settings. Each setting will discuss in this post. So let get the start.

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General Account Settings

When you click on settings, General Account settings will open. Here you can find general settings related to your Facebook account. To increase your Facebook account security, you must connect an email address. You have to verify this email. Whenever your Facebook account login on a new device, Facebook send warning mail to this email address. And also if your account show an email or mobile number here, which means your Facebook account is verified.

facebook general account settings - Facebook security Guide - Be safe on Facebook

Here you also set your legacy contact, in Manage Account settings. Legacy account means this person can take care of facebook account in case account holder is passed away. Just like a nominee in a bank account.

In manage account settings, you can deactivate Facebook account. One point to note, a Facebook account is not deleted. You can only deactivate it. When you log in with your details, the account will visible.

Download a Copy allow you to download your Facebook data. This data have your Timeline info, shared posts, messages, photos, ads you have clicked on, the IP addresses where you’ve logged into your account and much more.

Security Settings

Security and Login Settings. - Facebook security Guide - Be safe on FacebookYou can find 2nd Settings as Security and login. This part contains all facebook security related settings.

Choose friends to contact if you get locked out

Even Facebook recommended this feature. Here you have to choose some friends, which will help when your account is locked. You have to choose 3 to 5 friends. This feature is very helpful. If your account is locked without this settings, it is almost impossible to re-gain account.

Where you are logged in

Here you’re logged in devices are listed. If you find any device that you are not using anymore. You can delete it. It secures your facebook account in case you access your facebook account on other’s device.


Here you can change your login password. Make sure your password is strong enough. Facebook also show password strength meter. That lets you know how strong is your password. Here you also find Log in with your profile picture. Facebook recently launched a new feature, Log in with profile picture. With this feature, you can easily login to Facebook via just click on your profile picture. But this feature is harmful when you enabled it on other’s devices. If you do that, you can disable login from here.

Setting up extra security

Extra Security and Login - Facebook security Guide - Be safe on Facebook

With this setting, you can get notified whenever your Facebook account is log in with unrecognised devices.  You will get an email every time you log in with new devices. Mail say about your login to new devices and also provide a link. If it was not you, you can inform Facebook about it. With the link, access from that device will be cut down.

Use two-factor authentication

Use two factor authentication - Facebook security Guide - Be safe on FacebookThis is the most secure way to add a powerful security to your Facebook account. Two-factor authentication is the most popular way to secure account online. Almost all social sites use this feature.

This setting has seven options:

  • Turn on two-factor authentication;
  • A security code sent by SMS to your mobile device;
  • Security keys for safer logins;
  • Generate a security code using Code Generator from your Facebook mobile app;
  • Recovery codes when you don’t have your phone with you;
  • App passwords you can use instead of your Facebook account password;
  • Authorized logins.

You can choose any of them. With using this feature you can sure that your account is about to fully secure.


Facebook become a part of life nowadays. But sometimes your account shows some suspicious activities that do not resemble with you. It sometimes harmful. As Facebook has your personal details, you can’t ignore such activities. So you have to make your Facebook more secure. Here some settings are discussed for Facebook security.

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October 23, 2017 at 6:31 pm Reply

I find this article resourceful and you really took your time to do the breakdown to the subject matter and I know this will reduce the rate at which Facebook accounts are being hacked/hijacked lately.



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As always an interesting read. I agree with your points as I have personally tried this & I appreciate your efforts that you have selected this topic to write an article.

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Alan W

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I appreciate the author’s approach of breaking down the complex security settings on Facebook and explaining them in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. The article offers a unique perspective on Facebook security, covering everything from account settings to best practices for avoiding scams and phishing attacks.
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