How to Create Facebook Frame to Promote Your Name

How to Create Facebook Frame to Promote Your Name

No doubt Facebook is the largest online social media site. Facebook is no more only a social site. It becomes the biggest market for digital marketing. So everyone wants to famous on Facebook. They promote their business by creating Page and groups. For this, you can also create Facebook frame.

What is a Facebook Frame

In recent time, Facebook adopts many creative ways of user engagement. Like live video, polls, one-day status and many more. The Facebook frame is also one of these.

Nowadays, Facebook users use Facebook on smartphones more than PC. That makes Facebook to make creative use of the camera for better user engagement. So Facebook introduced Facebook Frame.

Facebook frame is a frame that user can use to place on their profile. Nowadays, every event and festival frame is available on Facebook. You can use a frame to make your Facebook wall beautiful.

You can also Create Facebook Frame

Sometimes you also see some frame that created by a guy from your friend’s list. That makes you curious to know how they created this. If you want to create Facebook frame, then you are at perfect place.

In this post, I will tell you how to create Facebook frame in the simplest way.

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#1 Create your Frame via Photo Editor Apps

The first thing you need is a Frame, which you want to publish. So create your frame using photo editing apps. Recommended size for the frame is 512*512 pixels.

As frame will apply to the profile photo, so make sure that your image does not cover too much space. Use a transparent (PNG) image. Like I am using this image for my frame.

kites festival facebook frame created by darshan saroya 300x300 - How to Create Facebook Frame to Promote Your Name

#2 Create Facebook Frame

Once you create a proper frame, you are ready to add the Facebook frame. To add your frame on Facebook, you have to add this to Camera Effects. This page is created for adding camera effects that Facebook mobile app uses for camera actions.

Facebook Camera Effect Page to create Facebook Frame 1024x300 - How to Create Facebook Frame to Promote Your Name

Here you can see Get Start button, which is your next step.

getting start to create Facebook frame on Camera Effects - How to Create Facebook Frame to Promote Your Name

Here you can upload your Facebook frame and also see the live preview on the side. The live preview will show on mobile camera as well as on profile picture.

upload your frame to create facebook frame - How to Create Facebook Frame to Promote Your Name

After adding, you have to describe your frame. So write a short information about it. And add appropriate keywords to make it searchable. Then publish it.

After publishing, you can share it with your friends to make them jealous.


I think after reading my post and you can easily create Facebook frame. It’s so easy to create. If you like this tutorial, please comment with your Facebook frame link.

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