Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. You are thinking why I am saying this? You will get this after reading this post. I will try to make it clear to you.

Affiliate Marketing Nutshell:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Why is Affiliate Marketing simple?
  • How to do Affiliate Marketing?
  • What do you need to set up an Affiliate site?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

In simple word, Affiliate marketing is a commision based system, where you recommended any product and people buy it with your words. And the company gives you some percentage of commision, as because of you, their product sold.

The main motive of Affiliate Marketing is to increase the sale of a product or service. A company want to increase their sale, for this, they advertise their product, promote the product in different ways. Affiliate Marketing is also one kind of promotion.

If you have good knowledge about mobiles or laptops and people listens to you. Then you can promote it with you experiential words. You can write an article about the products. People, who plan to buy a laptop comes to your article and your words convince him to buy it. Obviously, company sell a unit without any kind of promotion. So company gives you some commission for it.

Why is Affiliate Marketing is Simple?

Now, think about the possible ways to make money online. Let enlight on some method.

Monetise your blog

For monetise your blog, you have to approve your AdSense account. Approving a blog for AdSense or any other Ads service is quite a time eating process. You have to wait for it, then run Ads. After that, you got some money.

Sell Product or Service

It is also a quite difficult process. Set up an online market, add payment gateway. Have a unique product. Promote it. Invoicing the purchase, delivery and many more.

I think you get what I want to say. Now list out the reason why am I saying Affiliate Marketing to be simple.

Affiliate Marketing is Simple and Easy

You can find a lot of unboxing videos on YouTube and also find thousands of article on a new product. It’s all about Affiliate Marketing. Some of the reason why I say Affiliate Marketing is simple?

  • Free of cost: You only have to join the Affiliate system and get your referral link. Affiliate system is free of cost on all website.
  • No after sale headache: No one blames you after buying product/service. As you only provide your views on that product.
  • No shipping and storage: As you only promote other’s product. It’s all their headache to ship or storage.
  • Passive Money: Earn money is passive money, means you have not done so much work to earn it.
  • Global Market: You not even need any market. You post itself a market. It is not limited to a particular area. The whole internet is your market.

How to do Affiliate Marketing?

Once you find which product is good for you, you can join related website affiliate programme. As I said before, joining an Affiliate system is free of cost. And joining it also simple. You just only provide your email, payment account (PayPal for most cases), your address and sometimes scanned copy of your personal ID (for verification).

make money with affiliate marketingAfter joining you have to verify your email via verification link. They provide you a referral link or ID. This referral link is for tracking how many sales is done via your blog. If you do not provide this affiliate link and someone purchase via your article, you will not get the commission. So use it.

You can use your affiliate link anywhere. You can share it on social sites, share via email or personal message it. For the blog, you have to only put your commission link in your post. Make your content so relevant so that reader buys it from your post. Means clear all query of the reader so he does not search it on other sites.

There are 3 kinds of paying method for Affiliate Marketing:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – You make money online just on click, whether you make a sale or not.
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS) – The merchant pays you a certain percentage of the price (generally 30%) of sales made after a purchase is completed.
  • Pay Per Lead  (PPL) – Once a visitor provides their contact info on the merchant site, you instantly make money online. As merchant get a lead from you.

What do you need to set up an Affiliate site?

Once you get your affiliate link, you can use it anywhere. You can share it personally or on social media. You can run an email campaign for this.

But, blogging is the best way for Affiliate Marketing. As blogging is the best way to illustrate your thought about anything. You can easily provide all information about the product via a blog. A reader also finds the blog more relevant. Because of blog show reader that you are using the particular product/service. Which leads trust in your words.


If you want to make money online without investing more, than Affiliate Marketing is for you. You just only need an article to clear all queries of a reader and make them purchase the product. You don’t need any money to join affiliate system. Even you don’t need a blog/site for it. You can run it on social media as well. But blogging is the best for it.

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