How Safe is Cloud Storage

How Safe is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage has become a popular method of storing data almost by force, due to the advent of Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, and the iCloud. It helps businesses access their data from anywhere at any time, but there are a lot of questions and misconceptions regarding its safety.

After the much-publicized attacks on apple’s iCloud, there was a huge drop off from the platform and cloud storage as people grew skeptical of a medium that’s hasn’t been tested much until then.

However, it was proven that the vulnerabilities in Apple’s password security was responsible for the breach, and not the cloud itself, which actually has some of the most robust security features in place to protect people’s data. With over 86% of global companies using cloud storage to this day, it’s vital that this medium is kept safe and secure. Here’s how a multitude of cloud storage companies ensure that.

Data Encryption

This is the main form of defense that the cloud implements. Data encryption is the practice of using complex algorithms to scramble data to keep them concealed and unreadable without a key to decipher it. Without a key, these files are just an amalgamation of random symbols, letters, and numbers and to crack them requires a lot of computer power, forensic software, and patience that a lot of hackers won’t have.

Most cloud services hold this key on your behalf and use an authentication system such as a password and login to unlock your files. It’s possible to hold your own key, if you don’t trust the server to protect it, but this has its drawbacks as it reduces the utility and ease of use of the server. If this key is lost, then there is no way to access your data, meaning that it will be lost forever.

Cloud Monitoring

It’s important that businesses put measures in place to protect their information and limit the chances of a breach. One of those measures is bringing in a third-party IT company like Online Computers to not only implement the cloud computing, but also monitor it and keep it safe. These companies will be responsible for monitoring your online usage and be able to provide detailed and in-depth insights into how the organization is operating and monitor staff to make sure they’re keeping up with the best practices.

It’s been found that at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the user’s fault. This means it’s important that users know their responsibilities and have a policy they can follow to ensure their online safety when on the cloud.

Up-to-date Protection

Cloud storage maximizes your data’s security by making sure that it’s using the most up-to-date and sophisticated anti-virus and data protection methods. In fact, with the resources that the majority of the bigger cloud storage companies have, they’re able to create some of the most state-of-the-art protocols and defenses that dwarfs what an average computer owner of businesses would have. This keeps even the most recent versions of malware and viruses from affecting your data, making cloud storage not just a convenient place to store data, but also a remarkably safe and beneficial place too.

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