Learning Online - A Novel Idea

Learning Online – A Novel Idea

Planning to be a Doctor in the future? Why fret over your NEET Exam Results after they are out? Of course, there are several tuition centers out there, but do you have the time or patience to travel in this traffic to the institute? If no, well E-learning is for you! Online learning is a medium to gain knowledge without the physical environment of a classroom and the absence of a mentor/ teacher in your vicinity. This is a modern way of learning. You get to study wherever you like, whenever you’d prefer within a specified time frame.

E-learning is an exciting way of learning. Apart from being convenient, it also cuts down on the travel time required to go to places to learn. It has benefitted many who cannot physically reach the required destination to discover and access different facets of education. One can enjoy the comfort of home or office and learn when they please. It allows the combining of online learning with work or getting a courses completion certificate. It also accessible throughout the day, i.e., 24/7, hence one can learn whenever they are interested. It’s also a very cost-effective way of learning. You avoid simple problems like arriving late to class etc. So, want to pursue your studies in an institution like IIT but not finding time to prepare? That shouldn’t be a problem now! Download your IIT JEE Main Admit Card and start making now through E-learning.

Another prime benefit of e-learning is that it makes sure that you have updated information. Also, for those with social anxiety E-learning seems like a lifesaver doesn’t it? The environment is indeed less intimidating than a classroom. It also helps one to polish his technical skills to an extent. E-learning has made learning simpler, more comfortable and more efficient. One more point that is worth a mention is that you can repeat any numbers of lessons as many times as you want. You also have the liberty to skim through topics that you already know very quickly. It helps to organize time much more efficiently.

But again, everything has pros and cons. Although E-learning is a brilliant advancement, the real social environment can’t be replicated. Many feel isolated. Another major issue is that one can find it hard to stay motivated and organized. E-learning depends entirely on technology. It does to some extent require some basic technical knowledge. This the older generation might find a little hard to keep up with. All in all, it is important to keep traditional training alive as well. In combination with this, E-learning could undoubtedly benefit humankind and cause a revolution. E-learning can bring diverse people together.

There are some online websites like Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, etc. which offer some courses online for a very reasonable price. They are completely worth your time. The digital world has affected education also, and it’s time to keep up with it. For those of you asking if e-learning is for us? Yes, it most certainly is! It is for every person provided to have the self-discipline to exploit it to the maximum.

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