how to create a private post in WordPress

How to Create a Private Post in WordPress

Do you want to create a private post on your WordPress site? WordPress provides many features like scheduling a post, look for revisions, password protection and many more. Make a post private is also one of the features. So in this post, we learn to create a private post in WordPress and what a private post means.

What is a Private Post?

As a WordPress post is visible to all readers, a password protected post is visible to only the one who has its password. Similarly, a private post is visible to logged-in users.

A private post is only visible to the logged-in user with specific permissions.

We know that WordPress comes with a User role system. Each user role has specific permissions and capabilities. Like an author is allowed to manage post/page, but not allowed to change sites settings. While an administrator can do this.

Who can see a private post in WordPress?

To see a private post in WordPress, the reader must be logged-in and should have user role above contributor. Means reader should be AuthorAdministrator, Editor. Logged-in users with Contributor and subscriber user role not able to see a private post.

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Private Post in Admin Area

If your WordPress site has multiple users with editors or administrators, they will able to see your post on the Edit screen. Not only they can see it, also change the post to the public. So keep this in mind. A private post in WordPress significant only front-end. On the back-end, it is a simple WordPress post.

How to Create a Private Post on WordPress Site?

Creating a private post is quite simple. Almost the same as working with a simple post. You just only have to change the post’s visibility. Same as you change post visibility on Facebook.

First, create a post and add your content. You can also edit the existing post to make it a private post.

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Now, look at the ‘Publish’ meta box on the right of the content. Here you can see the Visibility option. It has an eye icon also. Click on edit that is just after it.

creating a private post in WordPress - How to Create a Private Post in WordPress

Here you can change post’s visibility to Password Protected or Private. Choose private to make the post private.

how to create a private post in WordPress 248x300 - How to Create a Private Post in WordPress

And publish/update to make it a private post.

private post view 300x110 - How to Create a Private Post in WordPress


WordPress is specially made for blogging and it provides a large number of features. A private post is also one of its features. Such posts are only visible to a certain type of users. And creating a private post on a WordPress site is also quite simple.

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