challenges that company face remotely proctored tests - What are the challenges that organizations face while conducting remotely proctored tests?

What are the challenges that organizations face while conducting remotely proctored tests?

There are many concepts that are sweeping the world like anything. You might have heard of remote proctoring; have you? Indeed, it is something that has given an edge to the professionals, organizations and even corporate institutions that conduct tests. Talking about remote proctoring, it is a technology that aids in remote assessments. It is a kind of feature that permits a test or exam to be taken from any location, wherever the applicants have a computer and a high-speed internet connection. Of course, invigilating through a combination of technologies such as video images and monitoring software avert the candidates from indulging in any unwelcome activities.

The virtual or online proctor is commonly known as remote proctoring. It has emerged as a response to the enhancing online presence of applicants and learning in remote areas. Of course, there are challenges that the organizations do face at the time of conducting these proctoring tests, but these can be taken care of once proper assistance of professionals is taken. For example, if you are planning to conduct tests online and want to make sure that all your tasks get performed in a safe and sound manner, then online proctoring services can be of great use and help.

The traditional test conducting method- notifying candidates, booking a physical test center, invigilating the tests, and finally, evaluating the answer sheets to declare results- has now become a thing of the past. Technology has actually transformed the entire process into a stunningly crafted, less unwieldy online process of proctoring.

There are different types of proctoring systems

In a broad sense, remote proctoring has 3 types of categories and that are as follows:

Live online proctoring

It is one when the candidates or applicants taking the test on an online platform and they are monitored by a live proctor during the duration. These proctors have the ease and right to disable the test if they find come across or find the taker indulging in any type of doubtful or suspicious activity. The more the number of screens that an individual has to monitor the less the number of tests he/she can proctor.

Recorded proctoring

As the name suggests, this type of proctoring saves the data and information [images & logs] for the proctor to review at later times. It is a system that can conduct different types of exams simultaneously unlike live proctoring that has a restriction.

Automated advanced proctoring

Of course, it is something advanced. In this test the role of the proctor is restricted. He or she does not need to invigilate the whole exam sitting in front of the screen rather the work gets passed on to the soft wares, that keep a proper check on the activities. The automated system actually alerts in case of any type of cheating or fraud and the proctor can then recheck the event and take a decision accordingly.

In this way the challenges that the organizations or the test conductors face can be eliminated to a great extent. Once you have the right service provider and software and tools you can make sure that there takes place no issues related to cheating or other difficulties. Have a look at some advanced Features of these proctoring systems

Advanced features of proctoring systems you can avail to eliminate challenges

Advancement in technology has encouraged secure assessment delivery. Have a look at some of the effective features right away:


Yes it is even before the test starts, the person requires to authenticate that he is the person who was scheduled for the assessment by making use of OTP, or Biometric, IP. For the registration to be successful, the applicant needs to pass the ID authentication process that involves reading the finger prints that matches well the biometrics with the scan that were submitted in the initial registration, a facial recognition by taking the picture of the candidate and an ID proof. It is something that finishes the procedure, ensuring that the person who registered is the one taking the examination.

Features related to browsing

Once you enable this feature it would detect and ends the test for the test takers who simply browse away from the test window and open any other or some additional tabs. In this way the doubt or worries of the examination providers get eliminated totally. The moment a candidate switches form the window or browser page; the examiner gets to know and bingo!

Some activities are disabled

Yes you heard it right during the test; there are features that disable some activities like copy paste gets disabled to avert any type of leakage of content. There are also behavioral alerts in case the candidate is seen indulging in any kind of suspicious activity. In such instances the alerts in the shape of red flags or any other indication are raised. In this way the professionals or examiners get to know about any activity that is not good.

How does this proctoring system work?

Remote proctoring is a two-faced task- on one side you simply have the applicant and on the other is the proctor. Seen as a one to various relationship, the proctor on average supervises 5-10 candidates, distance is not at all an issue as long as there is high-speed internet connectivity. It is all about the proper arrangements and things turn out to be effective and professional. In some of the systems, once the exam time ends the marks or assessment gets submitted in an automatic manner. Proctoring is always effective and efficient and can become a cake walk for you if you take professional assistance. Once you know how remote proctoring work does and what you can do with it; you can do wonders with a right option.


Thus, you can easily tackle with all the proctoring challenges that you face or you feel you might face once you have the professional assistance of experts.


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