11 Key Concepts in JavaScript You should understand

11 Key Concepts in JavaScript You should understand

Deemed as one of the tops and highly demanded languages, JavaScript enjoys an ever-growing popularity in the web world. Engineers can make use of it for front-end as well as back-end application. JavaScript is said to be used by around 88 percent of all websites. Hence, there’s no doubt about the huge demand for JavaScript in the industry.

Here are some of the key concepts you need to learn, grasp, and the master at to be able to emerge as a successful programmer/web developer:

1. Dom Creation and Modification

The ability to create or modify elements on a web page facilitates programmer to create dynamic web pages. These pages can also change effortlessly based on user interaction.

2. Value vs. Reference

It is important for a programmer to understand the way in which arrays, functions, and objects get copied and passed into functions. Also, the reference being copied should be known. Understanding the fact that primitives are copied and passed via copying the value will also help.

3. Asynchronous Communication

Also referred to as AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML), it plays a crucial role in contemporary web page design and functionality. AJAX ensures you the capacity to load information dynamically to a web page without any need to refresh the entire page. The major benefit is less data being sent from the server especially when just a specific section of a page requires being changed. It also boosts overall user experience with faster load times. Also, the page does not blink out every time something changes.

4. Closures

A function retains access to scope that it was initially created in. Understanding what this allows to do is also crucial. Some of the functions include such as dynamic function generation, data hiding, and memorization.

5. Loops are Important

Loops are a key element to any programming language. These facilitate you to repeat blocks of code for any number of requisite times. So, this saves you from writing repetitive code. With loops, it is easier to iterate through data structures. A programmer should know precisely how, when and why to use loops.

6. Functions and Function Calls

Similar to loops, functions are a vital key programming concept. These are universal across most programming languages. With functions, you can encapsulate code blocks which can be used anytime later via calling the function.

7. Dev Tool Debugging

Almost all web browsers have a certain type of Dev Tools for debugging. For instance, Chrome users can check this by right-clicking and select ‘Inspect’. Dev Tools give information about the page/site such as the CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Every programmer must know how to use Dev Tools to debug code right from the beginning. Understanding key concepts of Java is easier.

8. Prototypes & Inheritance

Inheritance in JavaScript functions through [[Prototype]] chain. As a programmer, you must understand the exact way to set up inheritance through objects and functions. It is important how new facilitates in implementing it.

9. Scope

This is known to be one of the toughest concepts to grasp. The scope is categorized into two major types:

  • Global
  • Local

A variable is global when it is declared outside a function and can be virtually accessed anyplace within the code. On the other hand, the local variable is one that’s declared within a function. Also, it can be accessed only within that specific function. Now, these theories explain scope at its elementary level. It can get complex further. Hence, it is crucial to get a tight grasp on these concepts at initial stages to build a solid foundation and emerge as a successful web developer.

10. Conditional Statements

These are the fundamentals of a logic/decision making occurring within a code. Decisions made within code will be accomplished the certain type of conditional statement. This facilitates programmers to control what the code is undertaking based on varied variables and circumstances.

11. Events and Event Handling

Most codes operated by a web page are triggered by a certain type of event such as on hover, on page load, on click, etc. Hence, it really helps to have a thorough understanding of various events in Javascript. Knowing precisely when these get triggered is a vital skill to develop for a Javascript developer.


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March 22, 2018 at 8:46 am Reply

I want to learn Java script completely. Please tell me the best place to learn Java script.

    Darshan Saroya

    Darshan Saroya

    March 22, 2018 at 9:13 am

    You can go for w3schools.com