Building a High-Functioning Website from Scratch A Guide

Building a High-Functioning Website from Scratch A Guide

In today’s world, it’s fairly easy to make a website. You can use Wix, WordPress and similar website template builders to assemble your content and publish it live on the world wide web. But to create a website isn’t the same as curating it in order to drive traffic, hits and sales. For businesses, it’s essential that a new website is designed to a high standard, optimized for web and for mobile, and well-aligned with SEO protocols. In this article, you’ll learn how to do this for your new business website.

The Design

You might think that web design is all about pretty bells and whistles, little micro-animations, and making everything look neat, tidy and professional. Yet, while this is certainly a part of the role of the web designer, it’s not the only task that they ought to be assigned.

That’s because there’s an underlying layer of code in your website which search engine algorithms crawl through in order to assess your website and its contents. If this code is tidy and well-designed, Google’s algorithms will approve – and you’ll be boosted up the search results. Meanwhile, if you fail to create this clean and tidy backend, you’ll find that your page receives less views – which means less sales, too.

Good SEO Design

The meaning of SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimization’. You’ll use the rules of SEO in your blog writing, your video making, and your marketing strategies. But your web designer will use the same principles, too in order to build a website that gets the green light from Google’s web-inspecting algorithms.

Unless you have a professional web designer on your team, with years of experience with SEO strategies in code, you should look to outsource help to enable you to build your website. In the UK, there’s website design companies, such as ALT Agency, which you can approach for bespoke website building that’ll include all of the SEO features you’re looking for.

Driving Traffic

The SEO capabilities of your website, both in the code and in the content on your site, is only part of what’ll drive traffic. Getting traffic onto your site and being able to monitor where your site visitors are coming from is crucial if you’re to drive sales and increase your profits after taking your business online. You should focus on:

  • Social media marketing, with pages and profiles all linking through to your website
  • Other digital marketing practices which draw targeted consumers to your brand
  • Partnerships with other similar businesses, who you will share with your subscribers
  • Email marketing – a great way to drive return custom with offers, deals and discounts

All of these options to drive traffic will help you to realize your ambition of running a high-functioning website. Once traffic builds up and begins rolling through your website, you’ll find that this has wonderful effects on your SEO ranking, and the cycle of searches, traffic and sales becomes self-perpetuating. It’s this initial journey, building yourself the best-possible website, which is most important if you’re to make it in the digital world.

There you have it: some quick tips to help you build a high-functioning website this year.

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