Managed WordPress Hosting Is it Right For You

Managed WordPress Hosting – Is it Right For You?

WordPress developers have a lot of work to do. Freelancers need to spend their days writing proposals for new clients, coding sites, and hosting strategy meetings. In case, you are planning to start and run your own WordPress agency, you’ll be busy in tasks related to growing and promoting your business.

Regardless of the condition, you are in, offloading monotonous and time-wasting tasks is always a good idea. For instance, you can get rid of some of the WordPress management responsibilities.

It is crucial to keep a close eye on CMS because it is related to security and overall performance. However, is it really worth paying extra for a managed WordPress hosting company? Well, managed WordPress hosting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, let’s have a close look at the benefits it may offer by switching from regular to managed web hosting. This will make it easier for you to explore some of the best-managed WordPress hosting services options:

Managed WordPress Hosting – Is It Right For You?

It is not difficult to find a good web host. A number of leaders are providing services, these days. However, if it is difficult for you to make up your mind, get some recommendations from WordPress. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the ‘good’ host is also the one that fits best in your specific requirements.

There are a number of factors you can consider when making a decision. Most professionals and freelancers owning web design firms must consider manageability. It may not be reasonable to expect, you can manage each single WordPress website single-handedly. In case, you find this as an issue, it is better to go for a host company.

Here’s what you must consider about managed WordPress hosting companies to see if it is the right service for you:

WordPress Focus

Usually, managed WordPress hosting agencies simply serve WordPress website clients. Hence, there’s no need to fear about multiple platforms sharing your server space. Since the companies are 100% WordPress-focused, ample support is offered provided by experienced professionals who hold a deep understanding of CMS.

Enhanced Setup of Backend

Almost all managed hosting companies are aware of what you require doing to ensure your job gets better and get conducted without difficulty. This will include various things such as setting up control panel precisely the way it is needed, database optimization, access to SSH for enhanced backend control, and database.

Outsourced Management

Apart from ensuring a WordPress-friendly hosting environment combined with a support team, companies offering managed hosting are capable of handling almost all ongoing management and maintenance related tasks. These tasks are time wasting and take a lot of efforts. Some of these tasks include:

  • Management of updates to ensure the plugins, core and themes never get obsolete.
  • Management of security mainly from a WordPress user’s perspective that includes things such as removal of malware and scanning any vulnerability.
  • Automating backups and running them frequently.
  • Monitoring speed of website’ and uptime for all kinds of performance related issues.

Security and Safety

Managed hosting service providing companies serve WordPress sites. Hence, their infrastructure is known to be far more secure and faster. These are available with support for firewalls, CDN, PHP, and a built-in caching. The company will also monitor the plugins and themes which you may use to make sure you don’t add blacklisted integrations unintentionally into your website. These instances can put you and others at risk.


Managed WordPress hosting is a great option when you wish to expand your WordPress business and need expert assistance for managing website maintenance. Implementers who wish to add high-value WordPress development service to clients can also use this service. Managing overall performance, security, and general maintenance of WordPress websites demands a lot of time and efforts. Relying on a professional will help you give priority to your business.

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Jack Richards

Jack Richards

March 22, 2018 at 11:07 am Reply

It’s quite informative. Thanks Darshan!

Could you please help me choose a managed WordPress hosting provider?

    Darshan Saroya

    Darshan Saroya

    March 22, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    Hi Jack Richards,
    Thanks for like my article. There are many hosting providers you can go with one which has more positive reviews from users. I am using Hostgator since one year. And never find any issue. So I can only recommend this. Check it and hope you find it better.

    Jack Richards

    Jack Richards

    March 30, 2018 at 11:13 am

    Hi Darshan, thanks for your suggestion.

    I would to know if it is semi-managed or full-managed because I don’t know about any single thing about server-related issues.