Material Admin Theme for WordPress

Material Admin Theme for WordPress

It’s time for awesome material design on the internet. There are a lot of themes that make your site more beautiful. But still, WordPress nothing do with its admin panel. When we log in to WordPress admin panel, always saw a black-blue design. While searching content on the net I met with some Material Admin Theme plugins. These awesome WordPress plugins can make a WordPress admin into a material design look. So I decided to make a post to introduce them to you. So let’s start.

Aquila Admin Theme

Aquila Admin theme plugin inspired with material design and provides a customisable colour scheme and re-design for WordPress Admin. This plugin provides many things to do. Some of the features are listed here.

  • Aquila Admin theme plugin can re-design whole WordPress admin area.
  • You can add your own logo in the admin area.
  • Can customize admin panel with colour picker, that means very easy to do.
  • Change to Roboto typeface to match with the material design of WordPress admin.
  • New custom and beautiful icons.
  • Clean the unwanted dashboard metaboxes.
  • Provide new cool dashboard widgets.
  • Also, change the login page to material design.

And many more features. Some screenshot is given below. I am pretty sure, these screenshots will make you download Aquila Admin Theme.


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Materially Flat Admin Theme

This plugin makes change look of admin panel as well as the login page. Some silent features of this plugin is listed below.

  • It provides two themes for admin panel and for login. Which are Red and Blue.
  • With this plugin, you can add an image background to WordPress admin.
  • You can also change font color, link color and interacted link color on admin panel and login page.
  • Can set Google Font in your admin panel.
  • It provides the preview for your change so that you can check it before apply.
  • Also supported Right-to-Left (RTL).
  • And one can import and export its settings. You can easily set up your WordPress admin theme.

Here some screenshot of this plugin.

Material Admin Theme

material admin theme

This plugin provides simple but cool material look to WordPress admin panel. The one, who like a simple design, must give it a try. Material Admin theme plugin makes sidebar to look cool. Sidebar becomes transparent and icons are glowing.


With WordPress, you can do anything. If you want to materialize WordPress admin panel. You can do these free plugins. Can customize admin theme with simply 2-3 clicks. If you are curious about the material design you can follow my post.

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