Speed Up WordPress Website in Simple ways

Speed Up WordPress Website in Simple ways

Speed up WordPress websites is most popular things on today. WordPress already occupy a vast area on the internet. As most of the people use the net on smartphones, so less website loading time is the most thing. Luckily there are many ways to increase the speed of WordPress available. Which speed up WordPress plugin is best? How to increase speed of WordPress site? Where to take WordPress speed test? All these questions will answer in this post.

Why Speed Up WordPress Site?

Now a most important question, why speed up WordPress site. My site is loading good, then why am I? Here are the major reasons:

  • Search engine(Like Google) give top rank to a website, which has good speed.
  • For good readability. If a visitor has to wait for loading the site, he will never come back.
  • Research shows that websites with 2 sec load time rank more.

Where to take WordPress speed test?

Now you get why speed is a need. But you might have a question, where to take WordPress speed test. Fortunately, there are lots of sites that provide you with the speed of your WordPress site. Some of them are:

These online tools not only show you the speed of your WordPress. But also tell you what takes more time to load. You have to only add your site URL and test it.

Here are some Simple methods to speed up WordPress site:

Choose Best Hosting

The first and most important thing for loading time is hosting. If your hosting is not fast enough, your site also takes time to load. By choosing a better hosting you can also secure your WordPress site from the unauthorised attempt. You can find better plan as shared hosting, but it is a bad idea. Shared hosting plans says unlimited bandwidth. But think what if any other site on shared hosting uses more bandwidth.

Compressed Image Size

A page without images loads very fast. Images are the things that increase the size of your web page. So always use a compressed image on your WordPress site. While reducing image size via software take a long time. Be happy, there are many WordPress plugins available for image optimization. These image optimization plugin compressed images in just 1-2 clicks. Here are the some best image optimization plugins:

With these plugins, you can compress images to an advanced level.

Light-weight WordPress Theme

Some sites use many sliders, dynamic elements and widgets. This increased site loading time. While some WordPress theme with not much heavy element loads faster. So a lightweight WordPress theme is prefered.

Use minified CSS and JS files

If you ever go through site speed test. Tools always tell us to use the minified version of CSS and JS. Don’t worry, if your theme is not using minified CSS and JS files. Many WordPress plugins are available to minified the WordPress theme’s CSS and JS. They even reduce the size of the HTML. Autoptimize is the one of the best  CSS optimize plugin. It optimize CSS, JS and even HTML.

Uninstall or De-activate un-use Plugin

If you have installed a plugin and not using it. It will also increase loading time. If a plugin is not using, uninstall or deactivate it. Some time such plugin generate junk files and also increase the database size. So deactivating or uninstalling is a better option.

Enable GZIP compression

As compressing a file on local system save a lot of space, similarly, GZIP compression save space on web pages. You can enable GZIP compression with the WordPress plugin. GZip Ninja Speed Optimization is one of the best plugins for GZIP compression.


Speed up WordPress is today’s need. With simple method, we can speed up WordPress site. For this, you can use plugins. WordPress provides many plugins to speed up a website. There are also many online tools available that tell you about your site’s speed. Using simple things your site can be super fast.


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October 14, 2017 at 8:18 pm Reply

For image compression I use cheetaho.com wordpress plugin. Easy to use and we are happy with a quality.



October 15, 2017 at 2:59 am Reply

If we enable Gzip compression how fast site will load.