How do you build backlinks for SEO

How do you build backlinks for SEO?

A Detailed Guide On Advanced Search Operators For SEO Link Building - How do you build backlinks for SEO?

When one website links another website on its page, it is called a backlink. This is one of the most basic algorithms of Google that they have been using since their first algorithm with the name PageRank.

Google and other search engines give a lot of importance to the backlinks to rank a webpage. In fact, it is one of the top three factors to determine ranking in search engine results. Websites with more backlinks are perceived to have valuable content on the page. So, the search engines rate these websites high and put them higher on the ranking. Therefore, it is necessary to build SEO backlinks to appear on the first pages of the search engine results.

How Google monitors link building?

All links work differently. You will have to be very cautious with each step in your link building crusade. Create relevant and important links for your business as well as your customers. This way you can impress the web audience and in turn, Google will place your site higher in the result which will eventually flourish your business.

However, you need to ensure that your links are unique and natural and Google should not doubt your intentions of abusing the algorithm.

What are the common features of building effective backlinks?

In this scenario, quality is more important than quantity. Creating one solid quality backlink is worthier than countless bad quality links. Eventually, you will find out that your search engine results rank would center around the quality of your SEO backlinks.

Incidentally, effective backlinks will in general have some common key features as described below.

#1 Trusted Source

Imagine yourself in a situation where you get to choose between a renowned institution like Oxford and a local random webmaster for your backlinks. There exists absolutely no doubt about what you will choose. Or say, what anyone will choose!

And Google works in the exact same way as its customers. This is called ‘Domain Authority’. Backlinks from a trusted, reliable, and authorized site will get more attention. Your site will get the same value as the site that has backlinked your webpage.

#2 Target Keyword and Anchor Text

To analyze the anchor text of the keyword, Google uses a unique algorithm named as ‘Google Penguin’. This way, the engine finds out the backlinks that use the most similar texts to the target keyword and correspondingly gives them the deserve SEPR rank.

Thus, it is important to incorporate the target keywords relevantly and densely in the backlink’s anchor text.

#3 New Links

Getting backlinks from new websites is better than getting them from the same site repeatedly. So, the normal arithmetic of 1000X1 equals 1X1000 does not fit here. It means that in the backlinking world, 1000 backlinks from a single page are not equal to the one backlink each from 1000 different Webpages. It is far better to get multiple Webpages linking you one time each rather than the same website linking you multiple times.

#4 Relevant Backlinks

Relevance is one of the major factors that Google’s algorithm looks for. In the case of backlinks, Google strictly checks in what ways do the two sites correlate. The more relevance it finds, the higher will it place you.

#5 “Dofollow” Link

Almost all of the search engines ignore backlinks with the ‘Nofollow’ tag. Thus, such redundant links are not counted by the algorithms for placing the sites on the result pages.

Therefore, most of the backlinks available on the web are tagged as ‘Dofollow’ links. Weblinks, form blog comments and paid ads, etc. are a few of the ‘Nofollow’ links on the web.

What are the other powerful ways to Build Backlinks?

So, these were the effective key features of effective SEO backlinking. Let us look at some of the powerful ways of building backlinks.

Linkable Assets

Linkable Asset is the content of your website that other websites find worth linking to. This way, you can attract traffic from different websites directly to your page. This content may include a blog, a video post, a questionnaire, or even a quiz. It can be any contextual piece of information that other website owners feel worthy to link.

Building the broken link

Broken links work impeccably well to make unidirectional backlinks. The procedure includes reaching out to the concerning website admins to inform about the broken connections on their sites. You subsequently suggest the admin to put your site address in place of the broken link. Since you are extending your favor to the website owner by informing about the messed up connections, there is a higher probability of getting the backlink to your site.

Visitor Articles

Guest articles are the best method to contact new crowds. This way you can publish your high-quality content on other websites and introduce your site to the audience. Many times, backlinks won’t be the only suitable method; rather, you will have to also focus on improving your reputation and followers on the web. Visitor blogging encourages you to influence your connections and extend your crowd.

Link Roundups

There exist several blog posts out there that are made only to link out the quality content available on different websites. These are called Link Roundups. Thus, provided that you have high-quality content on your page, you can focus on building SEO backlinks from different Link Roundups for even more traffic.

Using Infographics

Infographics are among the mainstream techniques for directing traffic to your site and increasing important backlinks. They’re extraordinary on the grounds that they’re straightforward and simple to share.

Visual information is a complete treat for the viewers. It is clearly evident from the rapid growth of the Infographic technique in the recent past. Many of the online publications distribute innumerable infographics throughout the web.

Final Words

So, though getting credible SEO backlinks can be tricky at times yet there are many simple ways to earn them and raise your SERP ranking. It is also very important to sustain those backlinks to remain on the top of the search engine results. So, earn backlinks from the trusted source using the above information and track the status regularly to maintain your ranking.

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