How I Motivate Myself to Become a Internet Entrepreneur

How I Motivate Myself to Become a Internet Entrepreneur

Hello readers, Welcome to my blog. Basically, I am a WordPress developer. And a developer for 2-3 years. I love coding. While coding I feel like I am composing a poem. No words can explain the happiness that you get when complete a logic. And completing a logic made me a good developer (still a large has to be learnt).

When I was started learning WordPress, I saw a quote on site, Code Is Poetry. I was not much with this that time, but time made me believe it.  Then life has many changes. So many ups & downs. And this time introduced me to the world of Internet Entrepreneur. This word, Internet Entrepreneur, is new to me that make to do a research about it. And while getting about it, I got my third love of my life.

What is Internet Entrepreneur?

Let me explain the word Internet Entrepreneur, an Entrepreneur is one who believes in self and set up a business on this belief. Similarly, an Internet Entrepreneur has belief in self to enlight his name on world’s biggest market, the Internet. There is a list of ways to become an Entrepreneur on the net. It’s up to you which way you took for this.

Blogging is the best way to get online. Here you just have to express yourself. And it also gives you a way to earn money. There are thousands of method to earn from a blog. But, as here I just talking about the inspiration that I got for blogging. So, let’s get started.

Being Something on Net

Something is always better than nothing.

As I am a developer, no one knows me out of the office. Blogging light a way for me to spread out my name to others. When I saw my site’s stats on Analytics, found that about 10 people from all over the World, hear my name. It makes me feel happy and also inspired me to do more. Today 10 people hear my name, tomorrow more 10-20 people hear. I make me some greedy and sharp my writing skill.  This makes me something on the World of Internet.

Exploring New Things

Everyone has to do some research before starting a task. Same is for me also. On the very starting, when I search for the blogging, I got Blogging is not just a Word, it is more than that. Which zeal me to do more. Sometimes I got responses on my posts on my blog or on social sites. Which also introduce me to new information.

For example, I wrote a post on a topic and I think everyone should read it. It’s my best article so max number of people react to this. But how can do this? Sharing is the first option, but it is limited. Then what’s next, rank your post higher? But now how to do that? On research, I get many new words and many ways. Like the social signal, backlinks directory submission and many others. So this makes me explore more about the internet.

Extra Income Sources

With blogging, I can earn additionally. Make money online also motivate me for blogging. But still in zero phase, means not get any real money this time. But soon I will get. When I found my blog fit for Adsense, I applied for Google Adsense. And got approval in just days. Which is sometimes very difficult for the new blogger. This fire-up me, feel more energised. When I saw there are clicks on my site, it also energised me. make me do more with blogging.

Sharing Is Caring

I am a learner and have a lot to learn. Sharing is the best way to learn. If you share your experiences and knowledge with others, definitely you will many ways of learning. Being spiritual, If I am good, good will happen to me. So love to share and also get profit from other’s sharing. When you share something, your followers also suggest things related to your post. Which polished your knowledge on that topic. Or you may get a new way for that.


You need some motivation for your work. If you love your work but not inspired on time, you will get bored with your work. So get some inspired thing for your work. If you inspired time to time, you will give your best. Let me know if my thought inspired you. Or your response gives me a ray of hope.

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