Tips for Quickly writing a post in WordPress

Tips for Quickly writing a post in WordPress

Nowadays that a blogger gets to win according to the number of posts that he has published in a blog, the more articles he has written, the more income he could have. This is where the importance of writing quickly lies, but without sacrificing the quality of the chosen theme; for this reason, in this article, we will mention a few tips that may be useful for those who work in different types of blogs with different themes, and almost unlimited if the administrator has allowed it.

For it, it is necessary to remember that WordPress has a quite big history from its beginnings, moment in which they did not exist so many elements that could get to adorn a post; in other words, by only writing a specific topic without the need for (in the first instance) bold, italic or other elements, the published article could be one of the most interesting to read on the web. Basically, that is what we would propose as one of our first steps when it comes to suggesting, a quick writing and writing of WordPress articles.

Here Are A Tips For quickly Writing a Post in WordPress

1. Choose a subject of our complete knowledge

write what you know - Tips for Quickly writing a post in WordPressIf we are experts in computer science, the assembly of computers and the maintenance of the same ones, then it would be useless to have to write subjects that talk about medicine. There are 2 very contrasting issues that we have placed in the example, which is why a good suggestion is to try to write articles that go according to our knowledge.

Under this mode of work, what we write in a WordPress post will flow very fast, since the words will be practically in our mind and ready to come out by our fingers that will write on the keyboard. If we know several topics, then we should previously classify them from highest to lowest, being in the first place those that we consider that we dominate widely, and lastly, those that we know only slightly.

“Writing on subjects you are an expert at makes it easier to write and may also provide more value to your audience” stated Ben Tejes, author of Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona and Coronavirus financial hardship.

2. Plan our writing

Assuming that we know a topic 100%, we cannot suddenly jump to write about it; it is for this reason, that previously we should program a chronological order so that the wording is coherent. Only 3 to 5 minutes are required to achieve this, during which time we will have to read a source story and then prepare to write the news as it has been developed.

It is worth mentioning a small additional suggestion within this point that we have commented, and is that the first paragraph (according to many WordPress experts) should contain a short summary of everything that will come next, this with the aim of causing interest in the visitor.

3. Always go forward without looking back

No doubt that this may be the best suggestion we could give, which means that once we start to comply with the previous step (the planning of our writing) we must continue writing as the ideas flow through our mind. At no time should we stop when expressing our ideas in the article, since that could simply cause a small collapse of ideas and therefore, a confusion in the subject?

It does not matter if we make spelling mistakes by writing continuously and without looking back as we have suggested at this point, since the main thing is to express our ideas in the order that we are practicing at that moment in our mind; logically, after having written an article on a specific topic, the stage of the edition will come, at which time we will dedicate ourselves to correct all those spelling mistakes we made previously, which is achieved through a slow reading of the writing and where, we will realize that the main idea of what we want to express, is there present.

4. Leave blank spaces when necessary

When we express everything we have in our mind (as we suggested above) by a faster writing and without looking back, there will be a moment when our ideas will pose the presence of an image, a statistical picture, a textual quote or any other circumstance.

In the first instance, this element may not be in our hands, since in the case of having to place a specific image, we will surely look for it in one of the Internet’s searches engines. For this reason and not to stop with our ideas in the writing, it is advisable to leave blank spaces when we consider that something else, must be increased later in this article space.

5. Make unnecessary cuts of ideas

Both the previous step and the one that we mentioned at this moment come after having made a quick writing and without looking back (suggested in step 3); Having written an article on a specific topic, perhaps some ideas do not keep coherence or, very important, reason why they should be eliminated at that time. This stage of the edition of the article is very important since it is the moment in which we will review the post before it is published in order to have a good image quality in our WordPress blog.

6. Try to keep a simple format

If we would go back about 10 years or so, we would notice that this was the initial tendency that came to be posted, in the writing of articles in WordPress; This is because the simple format provided to digital writers, raise a theme without many adornments but that is interesting for readers.

Beyond that, the simple format when writing a post in WordPress helps us to be quick and effective when writing because in no time we will stop to have to place bold, italic or a combination of them in words or phrases specific.

Of course, these elements are very necessary when proposing a post in WordPress, since the old ones have to highlight a phrase that is important for the reader. Anyway, if as far as possible we can avoid this type of situation, our writing will be very fast and will have a very good quality at the time of being proposed in the final publication.

7. Timing your writing of posts in WordPress

This is an excellent alternative that we could reach, to those who work with quality and time in a single article. Today there is a large number of applications that work as stopwatches on different tablets or mobile phones, we can rely on them to know what is the time that is currently taking us to write a post, be this simple one complex.

Just to give a small example of what we have mentioned in this last point, if someone knows very well a topic on tourism or information technology, and has been delegated the writing of 1000 posts per month, this figure could be something impossible to perform if we do not have a good writing program. If we use a small chronometer and start writing each of the contracted items, we could easily get to know the time in which we will finish the whole lot that has been delegated to us.


On this last suggestion that we have mentioned, we must be very careful since the writing speed could involve a poor quality of articles; there are people who usually write to them in a record time of 10 minutes, as long as the subject is widely known or there is a reliable source on hand to make inquiries. Therefore, it is necessary to have a quality and original article, which at no time may seem like plagiarism, a simple copy or an impromptu work done by a newbie in WordPress. Don’t try to use any spun or rewrite content on your blog if you hired an article writer than you must check in plagiarism checker to confirm you got the original and unique article.

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