What is Social Signal and How it is Very Useful For Our Website & Blog

Hi what’s up readers Darshan here, In this post, I will discuss Social Signal and Social Backlinks. What are they and How they are extremely Useful For Increasing Traffic on Site.

Social Signal :

Social Signal works in order to gain more traffic and relevant rankings for your website. If you are not getting good visitors by doing on-page SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

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SEO is Primary :

SEO is primary source for getting search engine traffic but in some cases blogger don’t get good amount of necessary traffic to their sites. Therefore, the second main source is social signals.

Social Signal structure

Social Signals Means:

When a person shares your blog post or page of your site to any social media platform sites Like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + etc is known as social signal.

If you are a blogger or a visitor you have seen share post column in end of every post in almost 90% of websites. This is why they add these Icons. So basically sharing a post or page of website or blog on social sites is called social signal.

Page Ranking:

If you have a brand new blog or you are doing blogging from 3,4 weeks and don’t getting any traffic Then why should google give you Adsense or rank your site higher ? Visitors are the key in Blogging World. .

Social Backlink :

Almost 70% bloggers knows what is backlinks and how tough is ti get a one dofollow backlink from top sites. So As a new blogger it is your first priority to increase your traffic via Social Signal

Smart Google from Social Banklink :

Guys, Google is very intelligent and smart so think twice before cheating Google. I said this because New bloggers creates 100,500,1000 and many more fake accounts on Social sites which are absolutely free of cost. Then they share their post on these accounts and calls themselves Smart.

Google tracks every IP address of each visitors from where they has came and check whether are they legible Or just a fake. If somebody re-share your share posts or comments on your shared post is called Social Backlinks.

Top Social Sites to build Social Signal

So this is how you will increase your Social Signals and engagements which will helps you to increase your rankings and traffic faster. You can manually ask your friends to share or comment on your posts too.
This all for this time friends, i hope you all have now understand about Social Signals and Social Backlinks.

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