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WordPress Security Basics – Things that one should know

WordPress is the preferred blogging and CMS system on the web which makes it a favorite target for hackers. That why WordPress security is a must thing. Having a WordPress website implies that you have got to require some further efforts so as to protect your site and your guest’s information. Here I will list out some method for protecting a WordPress site. It’s necessary to say that these tips do not guarantee a 100% protection against hacking attempt however, they’ll defend you against the bulk of attacks. So let get the start.

  • Make sure your WordPress site is on a secured hosting
  • Update your WordPress and Plugins up to date
  • Don’t use common username for admin panel
  • Use strong password
  • Change login URL

Hosted your WordPress site on a secured hosting

If your server is not secured, WordPress security is zero. So please make sure about it. About 50% chances of hacking attacks cut down with a secured server. Your server or hosting should provide the latest PHP and MySQL version. Your account should be isolated so that n other users of the same hosting get into your code.

Update WordPress and Plugins to latest version

WordPress itself release security updates time to time. These updates protect your site from suspicious activities. The Same thing is for theme and plugins. So always use the latest version to theme and plugins.

Don’t use simple username for login

Using a complex username for login to your WordPress site is also recommended. Many users use Admin as username. Some use site names as username. Sometimes, for hacker getting username is enough for hacking. So always complex username. Use number symbols and the capital letters in the username.

Use strong password

Getting username is not a big task. If you are admin of the site and also write posts. Then anybody can get the username from post’s metadata. If you are doing so, use a strong password for login. A strong password may contain a combination of the special symbol, a good length, digits and capital letters. You can also use generated passwords, they are very tough to hack.

Change login URL with Plugin

There are lots of plugins that allow you to change login URL of your WordPress site. By default, the login page is wp-admin followed by your site’s URL. So anybody can attempt for the login. This can make your WordPress site less secure. So use a plugin to change the Default login page and make your WordPress more secure.


Sometimes your online presence can be in danger. So you must prepare for this. Here simple things are discussed. How one can hack your site, what a hacker look for hacking. If you know about the weak point, you can correct them. These are the basic thing to know about WordPress security.

Hope it will help you. If you like this post, let me know about it.

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Jamaley Hussain

Jamaley Hussain

January 21, 2018 at 9:02 pm Reply

Nice article this will help every WordPress newbie . Thanks for such a great information.