Make Your Own Beautiful Logo

Make Your Own Beautiful Logo

For centuries, people have used symbols and logos as unique identifiers. Logos to identify business houses started in the 13th century in England when the king decreed that shops that sold beer should display it in their signage. A logo can be a symbol, a name, or a mark that identifies an organization, publication, company, or product.

Logos are designed and made as unique identifiers, be it for a product, service, organization, web, or blog site. Good logos get etched in people’s memory. Even if you speed by signage at 100 mph and see two golden arches, you immediately know its McDonald’s. That’s what exactly a good logo should do; it should be unforgettable and easily recognizable.

Before you fire-up your computer and search around for a free logo maker, there are some rules that will help you in making a beautiful logo.

Rules for Logo Making

Today, thanks to technology and the internet, there are so many free logo maker apps available. But before you decide to jump in and start using a free logo maker online, take a moment to think about what you are planning to sell.

Follow the five rules of logo designing, and you would come up with a great idea to make a great and memorable logo.

Keep it simple:

A simple logo makes it memorable; look at the Red Cross, it’s a simple red cross on a white background that we all know symbolizes emergency medical services. When designing your logo, remember the KISS rule, i.e., Keep it Simple Stupid.

Make Your Own Beautiful Logo

A beautiful and great logo should be memorable, like Nike, IBM, Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, CNN, MTV, and Mercedes logos.

It should be timeless:

Great logos have stood the test of time like the Coca-Cola logo. You must not just think about the here and now. Look at the future as your logo should survive and be recognizable in the future also.

It should be versatile:

This is a key factor to remember when designing a logo. The logo should be versatile, whether it’s a postage stamp size or on a banner, it should be functional and work across a variety of mediums.

It should be appropriate:

The logo should be appropriate for the target audience. It should symbolize quality and trust.

Now that you know the rules of making a beautiful logo, let’s delve into designing a logo.

Designing Your Logo

Who are you targeting? Are you targeting a region? Are you going to sell your products or services only online (like blog, social media, or website) or are you also going to sell them at retail outlets as well? You must take all these factors into account when designing a logo. If you are only selling online, your logo does not have to be very versatile. On the other hand, if you are selling online as well at retail stores, the logo has to be versatile.

Do look at free logo maker apps and browse through their logo designs. If you know who you are targeting and what you are offering, designing a logo should be easy.

You must showcase your own creativity in designing a beautiful and unforgettable logo.

Select The Right Free Logo Maker

You no longer need to hire a logo designer, artist, or find a stationery or art shop nor purchase a sketch pad, stencils, color pens, etc. to create your own logo. There is a wide choice of free logo maker apps readily available on the internet that means you don’t need to pay a penny for getting this job done. Selecting the right free logo maker requires you to spend some time examining what each one offers.

Some might have limited choices, and on the other hand, some might offer too many choices. Too many choices can be confusing and overwhelming, and your own creativity can get bogged down. You want your logo to be unique and recognizable.

Find a free logo maker online, which gives you the freedom to create your own unique and beautiful logo. In case you have just a vague idea of the logo that you want to make, try out Trust me; you won’t be disappointed. It has categories to choose from, and in each category, there are a number of designs to select from. Once you visit this page, you will not want to search around for another free logo maker app.

The choice of designs and fonts will make your creative juices flow, and before you know it, you will have created a great logo. Just do a quick double-check to ensure no one else has used the same design and font.

Show your logo design to your friends and get their feedback. This is important as, generally, we shut down our minds from the rest of the world when we are intensely involved in work. If your friends like it, use it. If too many suggestions come your way, discard the logo and start creating a fresh one. Eventually, you will create a logo that everyone will like, and it will showcase your creative skills.

Tip: Don’t rush into making a logo as you can go horribly wrong. Take your time, use the right logo design online app, and think creatively.

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