How to Market a Seasonal Business

How to Market a Seasonal Business

Running a seasonal business can be tricky. You go most of the year where it seems like nothing is happening, and then suddenly, everything happens all at once.

How do you go about marketing this kind of business and maximize your seasonal sales? Here are some tips to help you market your seasonal business.

The Rest of the Year Counts

Your business might be very seasonal, and you have a certain time of the year when you make most of your sales. The rest of the year is where you develop your marketing, though, and this is hugely important.

Marketing is a year-round thing, and the more work you put in now, the better results you will see when you come to your peak season.

Ranking in the search engines or growing a social media profile takes year-round effort, so you’ve got to make the most of the entire year.

Get Employees in to Help with Marketing in Peak Season

If you need extra help during the peak season, then make sure you’re getting it in.

There’s no point putting in the hard work throughout the year if you don’t have enough staff to capitalize on it when you’ve got the opportunity to make sales. Do some high volume hiring, and make sure you’re not missing out on any opportunities.

It can be difficult to predict your staff needs when you have a seasonal business, but if you’ve been putting in the hard work throughout the year with your marketing, then it’s likely to be more predictable.

Email Marketing

email marketing for seasonal business - How to Market a Seasonal Business

Email marketing is a great tool for seasonal businesses because it allows you to create more touchpoints with your customers.

If you are just relying on your website, then when people leave, you have got no way of reaching them. When you collect people’s contact details, then this gives you a direct way to reach them.

This is important because people who visit your site in the offseason are not likely to make a purchase. Instead, you want to be there when they are ready to make a purchase, and email allows you to do this.


Sometimes you need your marketing to have an immediate impact.

While SEO and social media marketing take time to grow, PPC offers you a good way to reach your target audience immediately. This is important for seasonal businesses because they need that guarantee they are going to get their message heard.

A targeted PPC campaign at the right time can make all the difference for a seasonal business.

Make Use of the Data

Seasonal businesses have a short period of time to get things right. This means they’ve got to be good at making use of data to optimize their campaigns.

If you are too slow to react to the data, then you are going to miss out. Ensure you are attuned to what is going on and make the most of the insights you have available to you.

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