6 Best Practices to Get More Customer Reviews on Your Business

6 Best Practices to Get More Customer Reviews on Your Business

Customers are now being smart today before buying a product or availing a service. Generally, they research the product first and read various testimonials before then can finally decide to buy. Aside from reading, they might also consider watching videos via YouTube to get a full review of the item or service. With these techniques, they can assure that the products or services will satisfy them fully and they will not regret buying it. Since we now know the point of view of the customers, how about the business owners?

Most businesses adopt a customer-oriented approach in their operations. Since the popularity of their business revolves around the customers, they must create a social impact and makes the customer happy with the product or service. To continuously improve their business, they must understand the needs and wants of the customers.

They must know exactly their buyer’s preferences and experiences before businesses can adapt to trends and changes. So, how can entrepreneurs improve their business? Well, they must build a relationship with their customers and talk to them regarding their experiences and ideas.

Still how? That’s when the customer review comes in. Product and service reviews are vital for businesses to grow and expand on their horizon. To know the different techniques in asking for a customer review, here are the 7 best ways to consider:

1. Gather their Contact Details

In an online shop community, asking for contact details is just easy because the customers must build profile first before buying. How about in an actual scenario? If your business has a physical store, you will need to issue receipts and ask the customer for emails and contact numbers. Thereafter, you may provide him with a copy of the receipt and another copy as your records.

You may also ask the customer to register in your store membership card program. The customer can get discounts and use the reward points in exchange for cash. In this way, you may also get the customer information and you’ll be able to contact them for reviews.

You may call or email the customer anytime to ask for some testimonials. However, you must chase the customer to provide their reviews. If the customer is still unresponsive, you may consider the remaining options. Now, let’s proceed with the alternatives.

2. Place a Powerful and Convincing Signages

Signages are important symbols to communicate your business to the customers. Generally, it is not just limited to store placards, but it also comes in the form of flyers, banners, window clings, and brochures.

By using signages, you can store information on the flyers, receipts, or brochures and ask for customer reviews. You may also set up a QR code that links to their profile and direct them to the product reviews. In a physical store, the signages are paramount in attracting potential customers.

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3. Educate Your Employees to Ask for a Feedback

customer reviews 300x300 - 6 Best Practices to Get More Customer Reviews on Your BusinessFeedbacks and testimonials are an important gauge to measure how the business performs. You must train your employees to ask for feedback from the customers. You may also offer some small freebies after the customers answer the surveys and comments.

“Without training your employees to ask for feedback and without prompting your customer with the question, you can’t really expect that you will receive the valuable feedback you need”

Stated Ben Tejes who wrote How Does Chapter 13 Affect Your Credit and Pro and Cons of Bankruptcy Chapter 7.

By training your employees, they will know how to deal with these business strategies and make the customer feel more valued. Regardless of the comments are positive or negative, the employees will further understand their role and improve their performance as well.

Hence, this strategy is like hitting a stone in two birds. Meaning to say, you will not only learn how the customer feels about your products and services but also make the employees understand how crucial their role is to serve the customers.

4. Set Up a Customer Review Reminders on Your Site

According to Joel House Search Media, one of the Experts from SEO Sydney, around 73% of consumers relied on positive reviews. This figure is already a good rating in attracting customers. That’s why it is a must to improve your business products and services as well as catch up with the consumers’ wants and needs.

For you to do this technique, you must establish an online review on your website. Some techie people love to provide their insights, suggestions and comments online. However, they aren’t sure how to voice out their ideas and testimonials to the company. That’s why it is a must to always put an online review survey on your website or at least display your email contacts so that the customers may get in touch with you anytime.

Some businesses have online shops aside from their physical stores. Before customers can order the product, they must register and set up their profile first. As a business owner, you can able to obtain customer details based on their shopping accounts. Furthermore, you can send reminders to their registered email addresses or call their contact numbers for a product or service review.

5. Use Online Questionnaires via Social Media

Social media promotes different ways to do surveys and ask potential customers about their thoughts and experiences on the product or service. Using social media as your tool, you can either use poll votes, set up a chatbot survey, or post content that allows the customer to do some reviews upon clicking it.

Since most people spent their time on social media platforms, it would be convenient for the business to catch up with their customers and ask for their testimonials. Furthermore, you should use rating type or yes/no surveys and questionnaires so that it will be easier for the consumer to answer. You may also leave a blank space for any comments, suggestions, complaints, or feedback.

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6. Set Up a Customer Review Processing Tools

You may set up a review conducting tool in your online website and physical store. Generally, this device contains five mood options in which each mood is equivalent to a non-satisfactory to a fully satisfactory experience.

For example, Watson’s pharmacy is now conducting a monthly or quarterly review using their device. As a customer, all you need to do is to click the button that corresponds to your mood. Before a consumer leaves the pharmacy, the Watson staffs usually encourage the customer to click on the mood button as a form of a review or survey.

There are different devices that you can use for your physical store. Keep the questions or surveys around 1 to 5 only for the consumers to answer. As much as possible, the customers do not want to spend so much time dealing with these questionnaires. By keeping your review questions brief and intact, it makes the process convenient both for the business and consumer.

The Verdict

Customer reviews provide a social proof impact for the business to improve and grow. They are also a means of referrals to entice other consumers to buy. Every comment, suggestions, and ratings are equally important, regardless if they are positive or negative reviews. These testimonials are vital to enhancing the product, service, or business operations.

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